Friday, April 30, 2010


During the trying time with our second daughter, God decided to bless us with another little one. Unplanned and quite the surprise, I found myself fretting over how we were going to afford another child. My husband was there by my side to assure me that everything happens for a reason and we would be fine. Words did little to vanquish my worries, however.

At the same time, we were planning to move nearly 5 hours from where we were living at the time. Suddenly there was so many changes happening; changes which should have been happy, joyous even, but like everything I'd encountered with her, they, too, were dampened.

She knew once I was that far away, her hold on me would become weakened. She was right. Guilt trips abound, even she could not stop our family from relocating to a more affluent area. This move was not just a physical one. Transitioning locations did not only part our bodies, moving also separated those binding chains she had wrapped around my every being since birth. Soon, wonderfully soon, I would be free. I did not realize how so very soon my eyes would open to the bondage she had created for me.

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