Tuesday, April 27, 2010

...Is Possible...

As I learned more about mothering, I found myself reading everything I could get my hands on about anything to do with the psychology of raising children. I breastfed her on demand with child-led weaning. We co-slept. Attachment Parenting was our philosophy. It wasn't long after her first birthday we discovered God had blessed us with another little one. We weren't quite ready for her, but God knew what he was doing.

The Father had always knew what he was doing. Although I had suffered many hurts as a child, I knew that God was there for me. He loved me when it seemed no one else would and protected me when my earthly parents failed. I know had it not been for his reasons, I would not be alive today. There was a song a lady in church sang in which I found comfort. About a ship in a stormy sea, I felt connected to the song. The song spoke of knowing God who can calm any storm and the sun will shine upon you once again. "Master of the Wind" brought peace to my soul many times from the mouth of a lady who shares my name. I can still hear her beautiful voice now.

With the upcoming arrival of our second daughter, I was becoming more confident in my ability as a mother, yet still very much so apprehensive. All I could do is trust that God had a plan and know that my husband would be there by my side because I was terrified that somehow I would repeat those mistakes of my adult caretakers.

NOTE: This is the wonderfully talented lady I referred to in this post. She has been extremely kind enough to record this video of her singing. I am beyond pleased to share with you!! As a child, I heard her sing this almost twenty years ago. Here she is, just as beautiful as ever in a church in rural West Virginia.

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