Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Faith Is...

Our second daughter came with her own set of challenges. She is very stubborn and just like her birth, does things in her own time. I had decided to continue breastfeeding both girls until they self-weaned. I was constantly questioned by her about if I was hurting either by doing so. Of course not! Hurting them was the exact opposite of what I was doing. I was reducing theirs and my risk of multiple cancers, giving them the best nutrition available for them, increasing their bond, and many many other gifts for free. I loved my daughters, more than anyone could imagine you could love someone.

Having children isn't always easy on a marriage. Love isn't always enough. There were times when we thought we were at the end of our story. Those heated moments can mean the end of a marriage or a beginning of a new era. We both knew which path we wanted to take, even in the toughest of times.

Having control issues in an infant can be very trying on a parent. Our daughter had issues with bowel movements which resulted in her being medicated with stool softeners. Many tears were shed by both she and I throughout her journey. Finding the medium to help her learn was trial and error. It's never anything but heartbreaking seeing your child suffer in pain. At such a young age, she was unable to understand why, which made it even harder. The next year with her called on every mommy-ability I had. By the grace of God, we prevailed. No more blood, no more tears and no more pain in the bathroom for her!

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