Friday, April 30, 2010

...In The Believers Heart...

Our son was the only child to be "over-due". He came one day after my estimated due date. After having two hospital births, I wasn't quite sure what to expect from a birth center. However, it was everything I had hoped and more.

Even after his glorious arrival, he still did not have a name. We just could not agree on anything. I wanted desperately to give him the same first name as my husband, but he was adamant that was not going to happen. Finally, eleven hours old, he had a name, but no decision on the circumcision.

At ten days old, he had an appointment with a Urologist to be cut. By nine days old, I was still unconvinced. In the end, I told my husband if he wanted it done, then he could be the one to take him. Of course, he wasn't fond of that idea, so I just cancelled his appointment less than an hour before having it done. Intact he would be. I must say, I am happy with the decision. I couldn't imagine amputating such a fragile part of my son, especially without his consent.

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