Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Answer...

The day wasn't particularly remarkable; however it will be forever implanted in my memory. This time, the reason will be a happy reason for the memory to never fade.

I am a statistic. I met my mate online. Yes, we lived in a small town in the boonies where you only knew where it was if you lived there. There was a stop light, a as in one. No Wal-Mart, one gas station, one school. Living in an area where everyone knew everyone surely there was no way you could "meet" someone online.

Alas, I prove you wrong. One day, he sent a message asking if I was really from the little town. Of course I was, why would I say so if it weren't true? Many chats later and a secret rendezvous, we found our place in each others hearts permanently.

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FlaviaBrazuca said...

I have read your story and It is has helped me feel less alone. Even though we are statistics We can prove to the world and those who have hurt us that they can never take away the fire in our hearts to survive and live on. PLease check my blog It is a work in progress. Thank you for your blog