Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Senate Bill #83 Proposes to Remove the Age Restriction

Almost 6 months exactly from my first letter to my legislators regarding the Breastfeeding Laws in Tennessee, I was delighted to see that a bill was introduced in the Senate to have the wording in the law changed. Senate bill #83 was introduced by Senator M. Faulk to have the 12 months age restriction removed from TN's Breastfeeding Law regarding Nursing In Public.

My first letter to our Legislators can be found here. I received a reply from Sen. Faulk the very same day. Here's what he had to say:

Thank you, Lisa, for your informative e-mail. As I recall the discussion on this bill, there was no discussion of a longer period of time, shorter period of time, or any time constraint whatsoever.

By sending a copy of this e-mal to my administrative assistant, Deana Guenther, I am asking her to forward your e-mail to the State Commissioner of Health for comment.

Once I've heard from the Commissioner, I'm certainly willing to consider an amendment to this law to extend the period of time breastfeeding is protected.


Mike Faulk

Now, we need your help more than ever. Call and write your Legislator. Let her/him know that you are in favor of this bill! 

You don't know who to call? No problem! Follow this link to find your Legislator and their contact information. The more interest in the bill, the more likely it will become part of the law. 

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