Wednesday, June 16, 2010

...Bounding Over With Exultation...

I am so proud of my children. Every parent will tell you how great their child is, but I say this with the utmost honesty; I have really good kids. I cannot take credit for this, it's something that they seem to be naturally.

Tomorrow is our oldest daughter's sixth birthday. She's so very smart, wonderful, amazing, strong, well, you get the idea. I could go on for ages. Most importantly to me, she's a child. She lives in the world where everything is imaginable and the world seems endless. She has a childhood.

We will be surprising her with something special for her birthday. I'm sure she will enjoy it.

She's taught me so much in the last six years. I believe I may have learned and grew more than she has. I've watched her blossom from a small, swaddled baby into a charismatic young girl.

Her day of birth is also a milestone for me. I will have been breastfeeding for six continuous years, three children, through two pregnancies and into three toddler-hoods. I'm only nursing our son now, and he's still going strong. For someone who was "going to try the first six weeks" and has somehow continued for six years through many tears and joys, I am proud of myself, something I don't often say.


Paris said...

Found your blog through the link on Facebook and I'm glad I stopped by.
Congratulations on so many wonderful milestones. You are one fantastic Mama!


Earthy Motherhood said...

Thanks for your lovely blog post!

Congratulations on reaching 6 years- what a wonderful achievement. ♥ I aspire to one day reach the same goal. Love to you as you journey through motherhood....