Friday, July 23, 2010

Komen and Planned Parenthood Boobtastic or Boobawful?

Recently I saw a post on Facebook about the Komen foundation donating money to Planned Parenthood. My initial reaction was "No way!". Then I did an internet search and was very surprised at what I found.

Breastfeeding was only briefly mentioned on the Komen page, with a mere two paragraphs. I find this disturbing because I feel that an organization whose focus is on the anatomy in question should promote breastfeeding at least a little more than this. With recent studies showing that longer breastfeeding reduces risks of various female cancers exponentially, shouldn't the Komen foundation promote breastfeeding? How about donating some money to Best for Babes who actively promote breastfeeding instead of Planned Parenthood? Just pacify me for a moment here, how about using those same funds to help NON-abortion mammogram facilities in rural areas?

That's right ladies and gents. That money you raise when you race, a portion of it goes to Planned Parenthood for the sole use of breast health. Sure, sounds good, right? Think about this, how much money does that leave PP with for abortions, birth controls -- all of which are detrimental to breast health? Studies have shown that teenage girls who began usingoral contraceptives were at a higher risk as adults for breast cancer. So my question is, why does the Komen Foundation take our money, raised to find a cure and dump it back into a foundation who readily supplies chemical laden cancerous substances to anyone, without batting an eye or mentioning the dangers? Isn't that defeating the purpose?

Playing Devil's Advocate momentarily, let's say that PP does have a designated fund ONLY for mammograms and "breast health". The $805,000 PP received in the fiscal year of 2008, could have provided over 6,000 free mammograms or even more cheap ones.

However, when a mammogram routinely costs $120 and an abortion costs anywhere from $300-600 or more, where would you put the money? Make mammograms, which are already the cheaper of the two, even cheaper, or reduce the cost of abortions so they are more "affordable"? I have no proof of this, but... I'll let you draw your own conclusions on that.

Komen Foundation acknowledges their ties here and here.

When I get to the bottom line, I guess my real problem is why is the Komen Foundation "helping" an already billion dollar company aid others and not smaller clinics or Women's Centers who are struggling to serve their ever growing patient list in the economic downturn?

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PurpleDancingDahlias said...

This is really sad. My MIL had breastcancer and helps with the Kolman races in our area every year. I will have to mention this to her.