Monday, May 24, 2010

Inward Pushes Outward

In reclaiming my mind for myself, I began to feel the need to reclaim my body as well. The idea began small, and grew rapidly. I would devote a mural on my back to my story of transformation.

I would begin by devoting one session to each of my children. Each, in their own way, brought about my metamorphosis. Our oldest daughter taught me to never be afraid. From an early age she was fearless. Our middle daughter taught me that there is beauty in everything, even when we feel our ugliest. She always tells me I'm pretty, or beautiful, and every time it melts my heart. My youngest son has taught me to have patience. He tests it daily and sometimes I fail, but I try to be better each day.

The first in the series is a blue butterfly. I was not planning on beginning so soon, however, my husband discovered a summer special meant for me. I couldn't pass it up. The artwork turned out beautifully. I'm very pleased. Next to come will be three more butterflies, one for each girl and one combining all three.

Soon, I will be a new me. Stronger inside and out.

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